Wednesday, April 20, 2011

 these drawings have no agenda and no story. they've been made during lectures i sat/sit through in law school.

all the pieces have been slightly enlarged and are on various pages of my notebooks, created with black pens of various thickness.

absentminded symmetry

 this is meant to be viewed horizontally.

contemplating cyclops
 thinking too much someties means devolving and forgetting.

these five segments were orignally drawn on a single sheet, with a sense of continuity.

he waits.

he gesticulates.

 he waits while limbering up.

anxiety beckons.

eventually, he chooses primal relief.

                                            when you're in a dorm full of boys.

                                            simple humour and lack of porn.

frills attached.
shadows always make things feel more well thought-into.

don't you think?

a pocket knife with a usb-drive, a weird-blade, a joint, a matchstick and a penis.

nonsensical musings of a bored undergrad.

process primate.

dint start out as a gorrila though,

but couldn't have ended up as anything else.
                                                                                 view horizontally.

  i'm not a fan of clowns. scared me shitless when i was younger.

again, best viewed horizontally.

what dali dint bother thinking of,

floated out of the nib of the pen i used to make this.

it's a fishy old woman!

if frasier were shot in an obscure city of SF.

the building seems a touch too round though.

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